5 Blue Blocker Frames for ‘Back-To-School’

Back to school season is upon us!
As August draws to an end, the hunt for the latest school/university essentials and stationery sets galore heightens as both new and returning students prepare for the start of a brand-new academic year.
As we ready ourselves to get stuck back into the rhythm of school and university, numerous long study sessions in front of computers, laptops and tablets can take its toll on our eyes, as they become increasingly exposed to artificial blue light emitted from these devices. Increased exposure to artificial blue light can disrupt the body’s natural sleep and wake cycle making it harder to sleep at night as well as causing fatigue, eye strain and headaches. Not ideal when working alongside a busy homework and study schedule!

But don’t worry, our blue blockers are the perfect answer as the lenses are designed to reduce the risk of harmful blue light from screens and protect your eyes from symptoms of digital eyestrain. Take a look at our top 5 blue blocker frames for returning back to school and university in style! 

Moley Blue Blockers

Round eyewear continues to be one of the most popular shaped frames to wear in 2023 and the Moley blue blockers are no exception. Eccentrically round and available in 10 different colours, Moley is the perfect choice for accompanying you on long study sessions in front of a screen.

London Mole Moley Blue Blockers in tortoise shell

Tricky Blue Blockers

If you’re looking for a pair of frames to go with everything, then the Tricky blue blockers are your must-have. Available in six different colours, including our newest Matt Tortoise Shell below, these iconic Wayfarer frames provide a comfortable fit and are the ideal style for when you need a little extra confidence boost. 

Graduate Blue Blockers

Practical, durable and incredibly sophisticated, the Graduate blue blockers are a cool and classic design. Available in 6 different colours, these frames will have you graduating top of your class for style!

London Mole Graduate Blue Blockers in matt black

Artist Blue Blockers 

Artist blue blockers, the oversized frame with lots of personality! Available in 5 different colours, wear these statement frames as an instant mood-booster to power through those grueling hours of essay writing.

London Mole Artist Blue Blockers in transparent red.

Monkey Blue Blockers 

You can’t go wrong with a classic Oxford style frame. The Monkey blue blockers are available in 6 different colours and are a style essential to any study wear - online lectures never looked so dapper!

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