Reading Glasses: Round Reading Glasses Edition

“Fashion is not a straight line but a circle of introduction and refinement”

A Brief History of the Round Frame

A design that originated through necessity from as early as the 13th Century, round frames have been adorned by celebrated artists and stars, popular fictional characters, intellectual thinkers and business icons for centuries. Although the birth of the round frame is difficult to pinpoint, round glasses have been the most popular eyewear style throughout History.
In early depictions, round frames were made from heavy materials, such as iron or lead, and had to be hand-held as they often didn’t have temples. Monks were the early adopters of circular glasses – although these were merely used as visual aids for pouring over religious artefacts, not so much as a fashion statement!
By the 1920’s round eyewear became loved among Hollywood stars. A combination of intellectual undertones and Hollywood glamour, as well as being more accessible and affordable, made the round frame irresistible.   
Fast forward to the 1960’s and 70’s, round eyewear secured its place once again in pop culture history by becoming synonymous with the likes of John Lennon and the Hippie Movement.
Today, the humble round frame continues to be a popular, well-loved classic and a style staple in accessorising our wardrobes. From oversized and bold, to minimalist and simple, take a look at some of the unisex round frames of London Mole. 


Iconic, oversized and full of personality, the Artist is the round frame that has evolved over time with a larger lens and exaggerated form. A popular style adorned by artists and fashionistas, these retro-infused frames are the perfect statement piece to make you look and feel good!

London Mole Artist Reading Glasses


Evoke an aura of intellectualism or conjure nostalgic vibes of the vintage era with a pair of Moley frames. These traditional frames have been injected with a touch of modernity and stylish eccentricity to bring them bang up to date with the 21st century. Moley is available in over 10 different mood-boosting colours, so there’s practically a pair for every outfit! 

London Mole Moley Reading Glasses


Perfect for a timeless, no-nonsense and modern appeal, the Scientist are the rimless and minimalist round frames. The unique and lightweight design of the Scientist creates an understated yet stylish look, making them an essential accessory to add detail and complement your wardrobe aesthetic.

London Mole Scientist Reading Glasses

The Oval Edit:


Create a sense of academic charm reminiscent of the 1940’s and 50’s with the Graduate frames. An iconic eyewear shape developed into a modern classic, the Graduate is favoured for its versatility and comfortable fit, lending it to be a popular choice for traditional and fashion-forward tastes alike.

London Mole Graduate Reading Glasses


Our round collection would not be complete without an iconic Oxford style. Offering a modern take on a vintage classic, the Monkey frames are stylish, simple and bold. Characterized by its soft curves and dapper appearance, Monkey offers a subtle and refreshed look that merges effortlessly with any outfit.

London Mole Monkey Reading Glasses

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