Our Story

We are a small design led company specialising in cool affordable eyewear and proudly selling to you directly.

Our principal philosophy is to fashion readers and sunglasses we love wearing; that are comfortable, perform flawlessly, and are a joy to own and be seen in. We know what a delight it is to find a product and brand you love and come back to again and again: that’s the brand we hope we have created for you. Reading glasses in particular are personal accessories we find ourselves needing multiple pairs of, and that is why we pay particular attention to inventiveness, style and high quality, at great prices. This has led to customers collecting multiple types and styles of London Mole frames, colours and finishes.

London Mole was founded in 2019 by product designer Jim Read and his wife Chloe (pictured below) from their factory in Oswestry in the UK. It had been their dream to design and make sunglasses, but the process of starting their new sunglasses company coincided with needing to wear readers themselves: this led to Jim and his design team jumping at the opportunity to add cool reading glasses to their new brand collection.

All our glasses are meticulously designed at our London Mole design studio and workshops in Oswestry. Every frame style is unique to us, has been designed by us, and all tooling from which our eyewear is produced is procured by us. Our glasses are then fastidiously crafted by our superb colleagues and friends in the renowned eyewear district of China, whom we visit frequently, that specialise in optical products to our high level requirements.

We hope you enjoy browsing our collection of eyewear and accessories made with love and style. You can purchase here or from our Amazon Store.

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